UT Checkerboard: A Vol Trad History Lesson

It's where the Vols score touchdowns at home. It's where Smokey runs after the extra point is made. It's synonymous with The University of Tennessee. 

The Orange and White colors were picked by Charles Moore, a player for the first Volunteer Football squad in 1891. He saw the American Daisies on The Hill on campus and decided that was the perfect color for their uniforms. 


Black and white photo from 1939 team for color reference.

The checkerboard end-zones didn't come until 1964 when Coach Doug Dickey released them for the game against Boston College. They were used until 1968, when the Volunteers switched to artificial turf. Then in 1989, the iconic checkerboard end-zones returned, and following that so did the natural grass field that is still used today. It's freshly painted before home games as seen below.


When we started using UT licensed items, the checkerboard was one of the first touches we started to add to our products. From plackets of polos and pullovers, to shirts all their own, the checkerboard is the classic Vols look that we love. It can be seen on a lot of our products for Fall and isn't going anywhere any time soon. 

Items featuring the UT Checkerboard are available for purchase below. 

Rifleman Sport Pullover                                           Rifleman Drywick Polos


Championship Short Sleeve                                    Championship Long Sleeve


UT Helmet Sport Pullovers                                      Rifleman Knit Quarter Zip Sweaters 


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