Vol Trad’s Top Ten College Must Haves

Heading to college this fall? There's no better time for a wardrobe update, and we've got you covered!
1. Tennessee Outline Long Sleeve Tee - $35
Nothing says fall like cozy long sleeve tees. We guarantee you’ll wanna get one of these bad boys before they’re sold out.

2. Nash/Knox Hats - $25

Maybe you want to show pride for your new college town. Maybe you just don’t want to forget the place you call home. Either way, our Knox/Nash hats have you covered.

 3. Tristar Necklace - $35

This delicately charming necklace makes for the perfect gameday accessory or surprise gift for your little. 

 4. Tennessee Flag - $40

Whether you’re moving into a dorm or your very first apartment, you’ll want to hang this flag in your room. (Those Georgia friends visiting you in September need a reminder that they’re in the best state in the South)

 5. Crewneck - $50

Your high school letterman isn’t going to cut it in college. Lucky for you, we have just the thing to keep you warm in that one lecture hall that’s always freezing.


 6. Tristar Pocket Tee - $30

A campus staple by now, you can’t go wrong in this one. Bonus – the new Sage Mountains Pocket Tee pays homage to those gorgeous Smoky Mountains just a few hours away. 

7. Tristar Bow Tie - $50

There’s no doubt about it – the ladies love a good bow tie. Warning: don’t wear one of these to formal unless you’re trying to lock it down.

8. Tristar Tattersall - $89.99

Because you’ll need something to wear to all those chapter meetings and tailgates.

 9. Harper Knit Shorts - $25

Perfect for hitting up the rec center or those hot days walking to class.

10. Tennessee Keyfobs - $15

New home this fall = new key. A keyfob will keep you from being the dingus that has to request a lockout key.