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Groomsmen Gifts - It's Wedding Season

So you’re getting married and you gotta get your guys something cool.  Something simple they will actually use.   Let’s walk through the steps - Timeline: Last minute makes everyone’s life complicated, so knock it out early. Numbers:  How many guys you got on your team?  (are you counting dads & yourself in that as well?) Sizing: You have a billion other things going on, so do yourself a favor and look at items that don’t require sizes - if not your friend “Andy from Idaho who put on 60 lbs since you saw him” will probably want to exchange anything you buy because you guessed wrong.  Colors: Are you going with all the same color for everybody?  Now that you have...

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Our Vols Patch: A Vol Trad History Lesson

Rad. That's the word I would use to describe our Vols Patch. It's a classic for sure.  Just look at this picture circa 1995: If that's not full-on rad Vols I don't know what is.  This elusive logo is known by many names to many people, the Johnny Majors Helmet Logo, the Bud Ford Logo, 'That One Old Logo with the Helmet'. We decided to make it easy for everyone, so we turned it into a patch and called it exactly that. It's still got that same vintage awesomeness with a modern touch.    Items with our Vols Patch Design are available for purchase below:  Vols Patch Drywick Polos                      ...

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