New Ties For Fall 2016

New Ties For Fall 2016:

100% Silk Neckties (FYI - Bowties in same designs will be coming later in the fall)

Dang right that's the Rifleman on a tie.  One of the most requested items over the years, the Orange Rifleman Tie took a while so we could ensure it meets the standard that both Davy Crockett & General Neyland would have. Gameday, Casual Fridays, or just bragging after a big weekend victory on a Monday, this tie is for you!

Our Mint Tristar Tie is perfect when you need a bit of color added to any outfit. You know the girl you've been meaning to ask to that wedding later this fall? It's guaranteed that she will fall in love if you sport this bad boy!

"You need to make tie with the Tennessee Flag on it"  - Done

Tristars Perfectly aligned with a perfectly waving Tennessee Flag, truly a thing of beauty. 

We didn't forget the classics! Our Red and Orange Tristar Ties have been worn for years and they are still going strong! 

 Tennessee Orange, Navy Tristars, Simple