Introducing The Rifleman Collection

Tradition plays a huge part in both our company and University of Tennessee.

Since the founding of our company on the UT campus, there was a question that kept popping up from those that understood our brand best. Fans wanted some classy apparel to support the Vols, something their dad and graddad would be proud to wear.  Instead the only merchandise they found being made for the University was flat bill hats, growling smokey logos, and polos with abrasively large Power T’s on them.

When we were approached by the University in an official capacity last August about possibly creating licensed products, we knew exactly what we wanted to create.

With that in mind, we are excited to introduce the "Rifleman Collection." This collection was made for those that remember sitting on their dad's shoulders during the Vol Walk, watching Johnny Majors lead his troops to battle while wearing their coonskin cap during the years affectionately known as "the Decade of Dominance," and the memory of shedding tears of joy when Peyton announced his return...with the Rifleman logo as his backdrop.

We're excited about the collection and eager to expand as the demand for the concept has already been beyond what we could have imagined, and we haven't even hit the shelves yet.

It's a logo that reminds us of our past while ushering in the new era for Tennessee.



Rifleman Hats

Rifleman Polos