On The Campaign Trail with Volunteer Traditions

We've received pictures from customers showing candidates sporting various Volunteer Traditions products. We're proud that people who want to step up and lead their state feel our products are the perfect way to show support for their state (regardless of whether we agree with their views). If you know a candidate who needs to be sporting our products, let them know about Volunteer Traditions. While the pictures below show only Tennesseans, we've talked to various people in states across the state about helping to outfit individuals at various levels of government.

Below is  1. a picture of the Bill Haslam caps many of you have emailed us about seeing, 2. Zach Wamp wearing a Striped Tristar Tie in a recent promo, & 3. Mike McWherter in a Navy tristar cap while taking part in the Farragut 4th of July parade.