Mystery Packs


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- Includes a combination of 4 Tees or Long Sleeves of same size for $49
-  All mystery packs sales are FINAL. Items included in mystery packs are not eligible for return or exchanges. Requests for specific Tees or multiple sizes will not be honored. If you order multiple mystery packs, you will likely receive duplicate tees. Yes, the shirts are Tennessee/Southern-centric.  No UT licensed shirts are included. 
- Offer only valid on, don't go asking retail stores for mystery packs...they don't carry these shirts and that's why they are on sale....these are classic Vol Trad tees from past seasons that we have broken size runs of and thus have to move them through mystery packs.
- The percentage of customers who are happy with their mystery packs are 99.5%
- Summary - We need to move a variety of classic Vol Trad Tees, 4 shirts for $49, Valid ONLY online so don't be a goofus and ask stores about it. It's a mystery so don't ask "Can I get (insert style)?" the answer is no clue and probably don't buy it if you're picky.
- Unisex Sizing
If you chat us to ask about the Mystery Pack we will tell you to read this page
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