Favorite SEC Basketball Players - A post of no actual value

Favorite SEC Basketball Players - A post of no actual value
by Mason Jones

Recently I came across the following picture of Ray Allen reading.  I thought it would be good to show some pictures of other players and for some reason broke it down by SEC school.  (Yeah I know Ray Allen went to UCONN...but when Jesus (Shuttlesworth) gives you inspiration...go with it.)  If you think I've got something wrong, feel free to shoot us an email and let me know.  It's going to be pretty tough though since I based this list off no info further than players I remembered and thought would have hilarious pictures through doing a quick Google search.

So here goes -
Alabama - Robert Horry
What's not to like about Big Shot Bob.  The 92 draft photo shows a great deal about what made him a clutch performer for decades to come.

Second Place for Alabama - Latrell Sprewell - not sure why there's a picture of him photoshopped in front of a Burger King that seems to be located in the mountains of Central America.   If we can learn one thing from Spree...its to never turn down a three year 21 mill contract because it's not enough to feed your kids.

Auburn - Charles Barkley
Easy choice here.  This guy is a classic entertainer...I'm just sad I missed posting this on Cinco De Mayo

Arkansas - Ronnie Brewer
After seeing the picture below, I think its safe to say he made the right choice in picking basketball over baseball.

This pains me.  I was a HUGE fan of the Human Highlight Film growing up. When you go to his Wikipedia page this is the only picture they show?  Total rip off...strangely enough I couldn't find any pictures of him doing TitleMax commercials which kind of frustrated me...but I'm happy he and Verne Troyer did get their title back with TitleMax

Florida - Noah...done

Kentucky - Richie Farmer
When I thought of awesome Kentucky players I thought of the teams of the early 90s...mainly because I remembered the guy with the mustache...aka Richie Farmer.  It seems he's made a name for himself in his home state.  If you want to learn more you can do further research.  Honestly though I think the fact that he photo shopped himself in front of an American Flag tells the story better than charging the state for hotel rooms.  Don't get me wrong, I think it's a cool thing for  3rd graders to get picture of themselves in front of photoshopped flag....but the Commissioner of Agriculture...probably not as classy an idea.

LSU - Shaq
This picture tells a number of stories.

Second place - Pistol the "motion" picture about Pete Maravich.  When I watched that in 3rd grade I realized that a white dude from a small town could make it to the NBA.  A dream which died later when I quit growing in the 8th grade.

Mississippi State

Nah, thats too easy...lets go with my boy John Riek.  Big John is from Sudan, which makes him a natural, and he makes a pair of jeans look like jorts unintentionally.

Ole Miss - Ansu Sesay
Mainly because he dunks and looks like Pacman Jones...he even makes the squirrelly looking guy travel with him in case he gets into legal trouble.

South Carolina
Devan Downey - jersey poppin' check

Kevin Nash/ Diesel
The only member on the list to also be a member of the nWo

Second Place Vol - Bernard King
So what if he got run out of Knoxville for various crimes (allegedly)...he was the King of New York

Vanderbilt - Shan Foster -This guy couldn't wait to play in the NBA

Lastly - Here's a sweet picture of a band that has the same name as a school - Alabama